Product updates March 2024

Published on March 14, 2024
5 minute read

We've been busy at Playlist Rankings, and I'm thrilled to share with you a summary of new features we've rolled out this month! I believe these enhancements will significantly aid your playlist optimization journey. And as always, if you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to send an email – I'm here to help!

New keywords added automatically

When examining your playlist data, we now automatically identify and add new keywords that aren't yet in our database but could be relevant to your playlist. We've expanded our keyword database from 7,000 to over 16,000, all thanks to analyzing titles, descriptions, song selections, and similar playlists to predict these keywords. This expansion means you now have access to more comprehensive and accurate data.

Playlist tracks

You might have noticed a new 'Tracks' tab on the playlist page. This convenient addition lets you view the tracks currently in the playlist, eliminating the need to switch back and forth with Spotify. It's not just about easy access; we've also included valuable data such as track popularity and age.

Playlist tracks

Keyword songs analysis

The songs in your playlists are crucial, and finding the right ones just got easier with our song analysis feature. This tool helps you discover popular tracks and artists across playlists ranking for a specific keyword. You'll also find metrics like average popularity and track age to compare with your playlist's data.

Songs analysis

New filter on the Playlist page

Responding to your requests, we've added a new filter on the playlist page. Now, you can effortlessly sort and view new rankings, ascending rankings, or descending rankings – all tailored to your needs!

New condensed view for larger playlists

For those of you managing playlists with numerous keywords, our new Condensed view is a game-changer. This layout groups rankings by keyword, offering a streamlined and insightful snapshot. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts!

Condensed view

Playlist description

Understanding the importance of playlist descriptions in rankings, we've made it easier to view this information directly on the playlist page. No more toggling to Spotify to access these details!

Dashboard followers growth

Our dashboard just got better! Now you can see the percentage of growth in your playlist followers, along with a new sorting option to prioritize your fastest-growing playlists – the ones that might need your attention the most.

New countries added

Expanding our global reach, we've added two new countries to our tracking list: the Philippines and Albania. Our database now covers 22 countries, with more on the horizon.

I'm excited for you to try these new features and see the impact on your playlist rankings. Your feedback, questions, or feature suggestions are always welcome – just drop me an email.

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