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We track search results for thousands of keywords around the world to help you improve your playlist SEO.

  • Track your playlist performance and monitor changes in search rankings for your playlists.
  • Find trending keywords that can increase your playlist's visibility.
  • Optimize song selection with data-driven insights to choose songs that enhance your playlist's appeal.
  • Compare with competitors to see how your playlists stack up against similar ones.
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Trusted by the industry

We're proud to be a trusted resource for a diverse range of music industry professionals. From major and indie record labels to promotion companies, as well as up-and-coming artists and dedicated curators, our platform offers valuable insights and tools for all.

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Monitored Keywords

Track search rankings for any playlist

We track thousands of keywords, capturing search results as seen from multiple locations worldwide, which allows you to gauge how any playlist performs in Spotify's search.

By keeping an eye on these rankings, you gain invaluable insights into what strategies work best for enhancing your playlist's visibility.

This isn't just about climbing the search ranks – it's about understanding what draws more listeners to your playlists and adapting your approach for maximum impact.

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Find new keywords to target

Selecting the right keywords is crucial for playlist success. With our tool, you can assess keyword competition strength and search volume easily.

Combine this with our related keywords feature and our niche finder to pinpoint precisely what will boost your playlist's growth quickly and effectively.

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Find the right songs for your playlists

User engagement is critical for the success of your playlist, and choosing the right songs is a big part of that.

Our keyword songs analysis helps you easily discover which songs and artists are featured in top-ranking playlists for specific keywords. This insight provides you with a clear idea of what’s resonating with listeners, helping you make informed decisions for your playlist curation.

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Access our standard features, perfect to discover the platform.

$29 / month

$299 / year

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  • Search rankings for unlimited playlists
  • Search results for thousands of keywords
  • Search results as seen from 24 countries
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Search rankings updates guaranteed once a week
  • Weekly report emails


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Everything you need, with more frequent data updates.

$199 / month

$1,999 / year

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  • Everything in Starter, plus:
  • Search rankings updates guaranteed once a day for 1,000 keywords of your choice
  • Search rankings updates guaranteed once a week for all other keywords
  • Search volume estimations
  • CSV Exports
  • Songs analysis
  • Low competition niche finder Soon
  • Title and description suggestions Soon

Frequently asked questions

Spotify's search results can vary by country, which is why our tool tracks rankings across numerous global markets. Additionally, your personal Spotify account may display customized results influenced by your listening history. Our service, however, captures and displays the standard, non-personalized search results to provide a consistent baseline for comparison.

Currently, we guarantee weekly updates for search results. Users with a Pro subscription can choose up to 1,000 keywords with updates guaranteed daily. You can see the precise date of the last update for each keyword when examining playlist rankings.

Yes, upon signing up, you'll have the opportunity to test all our features using a demo playlist at no cost. If you would like a full-access free trial, please contact us.

We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with our service within the first 7 days of your subscription, simply email us to request a refund, no questions asked. While it's not required, we'd appreciate your feedback on why the service didn't meet your expectations, as it will help us make improvements.

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