Product updates December 2023

Published on December 06, 2023
5 minute read

Welcome to our monthly update, where we share some of the most exciting news at Playlist Rankings. It has been a month since the start of this adventure, and lots of things happened. Let's recap!

Keywords updated more frequently

We guarantee the data for all the keywords in our database is updated at least once a week. For some use cases, this might not be enough.

So we introduced two new tiers of subscriptions, on top of the regular Starter plan ($57/m):

  • Pro ($250/m): up to 1,000 keywords of your choice, guaranteed to be updated daily
  • Business ($500/m): up to 1,000 keywords of your choice, guaranteed to be updated twice a day

Playlist followers evolution

Followers evolution

For each playlist in our database, we now provide graph of the evolution of followers (total followers count, but also daily changes). Just click on the followers count on the playlist page to access the data.

The amount of historical data available may vary for each playlist, but there is a button to import more historical data if needed. We will make sure to collect data every day for all the playlists you have added in your dashboard.

Hide Spotify playlists

When analyzing your SEO results, you're mostly competing with other user-generated playlists, as competing with editorial Spotify playlists is probably a lost cause.

From now on, on the keyword page, you will be able to temporarily hide Spotify playlists, to only see user generated playlists if that can help you get a better view of the competition.

Rankings evolution

Rankings evolution

Our playlist page only shows the current keywords and rankings, but in some cases you may need to see how those rankings have evolved over time. It's now possible! Next to the position in the rankings list, click on the little chart icon to get the chart of the evolution of the playlist for this specific keyword and country.

CSV exports

Our goal is to make sure our platforms is easy to use and has all the features you need, but sometimes you have that very specific use case or integration you need. Good news, our data can be exported so that you can use it as you wish.

On the playlist page, click on the download button to download a csv with all the rankings of this playlist. The file will contain current and past rankings.

This feature is available starting the Pro plan.

Dashboard improvements

Dashboard improvements

The dashboard has been updated to allow you to change the sorting of your playlists. By default, we will continue to sort by the number of followers, but you can change to sort by name or number of keywords.

The other change on the dashboard is that we will now display the evolution of the last 7 days for the number of keywords, countries and followers. An easy way to see which playlists are going up or down. You can also change the window to see the evolution over 28 days instead.

That's a wrap for this month. I hope you will like these updates.

If you need assistance, have any questions or would like to schedule a demo, I'm just an email away.

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